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Open Source & Silicon Valley

Home to many of the globe giant technology corporations with thousands of small innovative startups. Exquisite and splendid name in itself, geeks consider it as a tech power hub.  Even used as a metonym for the American high-tech sector. Mapped on the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California in the US, Silicon Valley continues to lead the world as high-tech innovation & development lonely superpower.

Economically Silicon Valley accounts for one-third of the venture capital investment in the US receiving 41% of all U.S. venture investment in 2011. Silicon Valley is quite attractive in itself focusing on its rise. Rising phase of known tough tech-rivals Steve Jobs & Bill Gates around 70’s provide invincible shine & color to its name. Recognized as a hub for various sectors, unquestionably Silicon Valley firmly relates with the class of Open-source software as well.

Among many definitions Open-source software is known as free redistribution & endless design & concepts for software products. Software developed by public, for public, enabling them to copy, modify, and redistribute the source code without paying promoting the value “caring via sharing”. It’s an open license to everyone. Most of the people term it as “Democracy on software”.

Preferring Open-source software means favoring self design & concept to enable better security & transparency. A perfect design, a perfect color, and see what a lovely finishing it could be!

It is a marvelous delivery where everyday human triumphs achieving something innovative & a tool where people can design free future for them & their generations.

Economic analysis of Open-source

A report of Standish group states that adoption of Open-source software had resulted in savings of about $60 billion per year to consumers. Now, imagine a globe without Open-source. Hardware won’t be a big deal instead pathetically we would be receiving what’s been delivered to us with no alternatives & waiting hopelessly for someone to provide those 25 digit product key to activate the system. Almost 98% of enterprise-level companies use open-source offerings to avoid entangle free secure performance.

Software Focus

From Application software like; “Mozilla Firefox, Chromium”, following the Operating systems; “Linux, Android”, to Programming languages; “PHP, Python” and Server software like; “wiki, WordPress, Apache”, Open-source rejuvenated the system and changed the way we share, modify, and design.

Open-source & Silicon Valley

Early 70’s was considered a state of nurturing and prosperity period for Closed-source systems. A state of monopoly on tech market was happening where Closed-source systems were reigning & bolstering its figures. Almost over 85% of the world computers were breathing Closed-source operating systems. Finally, in mid 90’s a group of individuals advocated open source software (OSS) replacing free software & the evolution of the open-source revolution flared up. A significant achievement can be viewed on present day that Closed-source OS world users slumped down around 80%.

Silicon Valley was always witnessing the progress of open-source from then to now. “Where else a better place could be for this game!?”. Bundle of unique rivals harboring on the same deck vying for the unique victory.

It’s not land of opportunity; it’s the land where people create opportunities. Habitation for Tech legends, tough & challenging rivals, innovative ideas, intimate friends, & the technology itself, “Silicon Valley”.

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