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SFD 2012

Hack For SFD 2015

NOSK is the Open Source club which has been originated from the FOSS enthusiastic students from NCIT (Nepal College of Information Technology), Balkumari, Lalitpur about 9 years ago. We were listed as the one of the most deserving team in SFD2010. With more passion and motivation we celebrated SFD2011, SFD2012. SFD2013, SFD2014. And this year too we are highly motivated and enthusiastic about the event.

We invite everyone interested to join us:

Mailing List: open-nosk@googlegroups.com

URL: http://nosk.org.np/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nosklub/

Event Date: 18th Spetemper to 19th September 2015

Venue: Nepal College of Information Technology, Balkumari, Lalitpur.

Time: Friday (3pm tp 9pm) & Saturday (7am onwards)

Ticket: Free [Everyone is Invited ;) ]


Day1) Friday [18th Sep] | Time: 3:00 PM Onwards


  • Kickoff SFD Eve & Welcome Note

  • SFD Tattoo & Prints

  • Candel Light Vigil
  • Tea Break
  • Hackathon

Day 2) Saturday [19th Sep] | Time: 7am Onwards


Section A: Hackathon (7 AM onwards)

  1. Linux Repo (contd.)
  2. Virtual Reality (Cardboard)
  3. GIMP (Design with Opensource tool
  4. Arduino & Open Hardware

Section B: Talks & Demos (11:00 to 13:00)

  1. Keynote & SFD Cake

  2. NASCOIT Debrieffing
  3. Open Talks & Presentation

  4. Demos & TroubleShooting

Section C: Videos & Games

  • Video Making: Nepali Language Tutorial
  • 3D Movies
  • Open Source Games

Section D: Networking & Gossips

  • NO LIMIT Zone
  • Open Art
  • SFD Tattoo Imprinting
  • Photo Booth
  • And Many Mores

Lunch: 10:00 t0 11:00

Evening Tea: 15:00

Wrapup & Thanks Giving: 17:00


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NOSK Saturday Event Resumes

After a long time of gap, back again NOSK is resuming the saturday events. It feels great to see the open source enthusiasts here at saturday events. Todays’ events are:
1. Introduction to Open Source, and NOSK
2. Installation/Troubleshooting
3. Localization
As I am writing this post during the event, I can see a huge number of enthusiasts, and that makes me feel real happy 🙂 . And definitely the events seem to continue regularly.

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