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A new open source community in Nepal: Mozilla Nepal

Mozilla Nepal is a new open source community being started in Nepal. It is a team of open source enthusiasts having common interests. Mozilla Nepal’s first meeting started at around 12:30 NPT At FOSS Nepal Office Putalisadak, on 26 August, 2012,Saturday. The meet up was attended by 20 attendees. The main theme of this meet up was to have team of common interest to contribute mozilla in the various areas identified.The meeting had the following agendas discussed:

  • Introduction of Attendees
  • Introduction to Mozilla Nepal Community
  • Current Involvements of Mozilla Nepal Community
  • Introduction to contribution areas
  • Scopes and Advantages
  • General Discussion
  • Future Plan

Contribution by Nepalese open source enthusiasts has been to mozilla independently but from now it Mozilla Nepal is trying to have all such enthusiasts tied into a team to work togather to acheive the milestones. Till now Mozilla Nepal team is focused on localization of firefox and as this is accomplished the team will extend to other mozilla softwares too.
A copy of the documentation brought up there in the meeting by Avash Mulmi can be obtained from the following link:
And the report of the meet up is at :

A report from foss Nepal is also available at

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