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PHONEGAP – The only open source mobile framework that supports 7 platforms

“The only open source mobile framework that supports 7 platforms”

PhoneGap is an open source framework for building cross-platform mobile applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is an ideal solution for web developers interested in mobile and web app development as it allows them to leverage existing skills rather than start form scratch with a device-specific compiled language. This is also an ideal solution for those interested in creating an application that can run on multiple devices with the same code base.

“Build once with web standards and wrap it with PhoneGap”

Applications built with PhoneGap are not just like normal mobile web sites. PhoneGap applications are able to interact with mobile device hardware, such as the Accelerometer or GPS, in ways that are unavailable to normal web applications. PhoneGap applications are also built and packaged like native applications, meaning that they can be distributed through the Apple App Store or the Android Market or other mobile markets.

PhoneGap supports a number of different mobile platforms, including:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Blackberry
  • Symbian
  • WebOS
  • Bada
  • Windows Phone 7


The chart below shows which APIs are available for each device :
phonegap api support table


The PhoneGap SDK provides an API that is an abstraction layer providing the developer with access to hardware and platform specific features. Its a javascript bridge API for each mobile native programming language. As PhoneGap abstracts the native mobile platform, the same code can be used on multiple mobile platform with little or no change, making your application available to a wider audience.

PhoneGap strikes an excellent balance between developer effort and application functionality. It lets you create capable apps that can be extended with plug-ins to mimic native UI look and feel, or to add functionality such as push notification or PayPal integration, but without the skills and effort associated with native coding.

“PhoneGap  now officially an Apache Software Foundation Incubator project named Cordova “

See http://phonegap.com for further details.

Feel free to ask any questions in phonegap !! Happy Coding 🙂

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