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Colored Pencils effect with Gimp 2.8 and G’MIC

Too much perfection is not so attractive. Yes, I am talking about digital design works. They are too much perfect. We get perfect gradients but no texture looks. How about merging the better of both worlds? Thanks to #gimp and one of his plugins #G’MIC. Here I will be stimulating a very cool effect. Lets get started!
Here, what we are actually doing is Colored Pencils effect with Gimp 2.8 and G’MIC. So, you need to download these things first.
1. Gimp Download link
2. G’MIC Plugins  Download link

So if you downloaded those those things or already have lets go like this.

Choosing right images or illustration
For better results, you need image/illustration of low contrast because here we will be using soft light mode which changes local contrast pf image/illustration. If there is too much details in image/illustration, you can aplly light blur from Filter>Blur>Blur

Its the time to apply Texture pass. Duplicate the background layer for the backup. Now go to Menu and select Filter > G’MIC
An window will pop out with lost of filter and parameters. Just go to Black & White > Hard Sketch filter and Adjust the settings as in figure below.

Now if you are done, apply the settings and click OK. Now you will see image  like this.


Be cool. You dont need to be weird. Lets fix it by changing the blending mode from normal to soft light.
Duplicate the layer to increase the effect.  You are able to see the texture like the image below.


We created texture pass. Now the time is to create contour pass. This will help to balance the contrast and brightness on the image. Also makes the edges more visible.  Do you remember that we had duplicate the original layer of image/illustration? Put one og that layer (original) to the top of all those layers.  Again go to the menu and select Filter> G’MIC  and again select the same filter  Black & White > Hard Sketch filter and Adjust the settings as in figure below.

Apply the filter and change the blending mode from normal to softlight as we did before. This makes the contours more  marked and also generates an outline in the highlights as we see on the figure.  Darker parts now tend to be brighter washing the blacks in the image.
[c attid=”526″ aption id=”attachment_526″ align=”alignnone” width=”726″]



Is that all? No way, we have only explored a filter and a blending mode. Possibly all this process can be converted into a new filter with some options. Let me see your experience with gimp and G’MIC pligin. Share me your work via mail (rsthdn@gmail.com) or on our facbook / Google Plus page/groups/community.

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