Php developers Nepal meetup

Date : 2013/01/05
Organiser : Php developers Nepal
Venue : Brain Digits
Time : 1045 hrs

1> A presentation on Payment Nepal
-: E-sewa (F1 Soft)
-: Payway (Young Minds)

2> Session on the handing over of raspberry pi…

3> Back to php

4> A lot of discussion

5> Next meetup 2nd Feb. same time same place

I came by late in the meeting because it was not easy finding the location of the venue. I was not alone with the difficulty. I was joined by Manish dai and our Noskian friends Akriti, Binita & Shivaraj.

As we came late we missed the first presentation. The second presentation was about Payment Nepal. We discussed about Nabil Bank’s  e-secure,, fonepay, payza, moneybookers etc.


The next session was about Handing over of raspberry pi. Thanks to Peter Francon

And there was a lot of discussion about php and how we can test and debug it etc…

Lastly we ended  our meetup by fixing next date, time and  venue for next meetup.

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